Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Tackle It Tuesday

Tackle It Tuesday Meme

Oh boy!! This is going to be a busy week!! But since I am only going to list what has to be done today it will be a little easier. I have learned to have more specific goals. For instance, I will not list "get caught up on laundry" any longer. 'Cause let's face it, as long as we continue to wear clothes everyday, I will never be done with it anyway!! same thougthts with dishes. I guess if we quit eating and ran around without clothes, I could hope for a spotless house. oh well. I would rather deal with reality!!

so without further adeau (sorry, I have NO idea how to spell it, I think it's French??)...

What I Have To Do Today, Tuesday July 31st

  1. Take out trash for pick up day.
  2. Take hubby to get his root canal finished.
  3. Go by Circuit City and get a new car stereo/Cd player installed.
  4. Go to the grocery store.
  5. Fix rotisserie chicken for (late) lunch
  6. Find a baby food grinder mill online to purchase.
  7. Wash a load of jeans and a load of towels
  8. Copy out our packing list to get ready for next week
  9. Mail out prize for the giveaway.
  10. Guess, first I oughta find a box for said prize.
  11. oh, maybe rejoin stamps.com so I don't have to go to PO
  12. Help daughter tape off room to paint it (has to be done by Friday!)
  13. Do some more reading on Wordpress online!!
  14. update my other blog
  15. church tonite
whew!! Fifteen is plenty!!! guess I better get started....


Karen said...

Looks like a big list, but I had a similarly big list last week and it was so wonderful to do a few things then cross them off that it motivated me to get it done! I ended up with only one thing dangling which I completed the next day!!

Good luck!!!

jennyr said...

wow, u have tons of tackles...it's nice to have a list i'm sure you'll get it all done! good luck!

a wandering heart said...

Wow.. good luck!

Irreverent, Barefoot Ragamuffins said...

Wow, sounds busy! Good luck getting everything done. Root canal doesn't sound very fun. :(

Jennifer Sprague, All Natural Mommies said...

WOW that's a full day planned I hope you get to it all! :)

Photojenic said...

Good luck on tackling your list! I'm hosting another Tackle contest on my blog. Stop on by!

Debbie said...

Wow, a very busy day with your Tackle it Tuesday projects. Praying you get them all done.