Thursday, July 19, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #3

Thirteen Things about cre82learn

Thirteen Things I Hate:

1. AMTRAK (sorry but I just lost two days of my life and about $50 in gas because of them, they are at least refunding the ticket)
2.slow drivers!!! (isn't 70 mph a suggestion??)
3. imcompetent employees
4. voice responsive answering systems (sorry bank, but you cannot pick up my voice without hearing 5 kids in the background)
5. slow drive thrus (isn't the purpose of fast food to be fast and drive thru faster?)
6. dial up isp (I thought these were none existent but where we moved it was all that was available for over a year)
7. any restaurant that closes prior to 11pm
8. all vacation packages and anything else geared to a family of four (HELLO!! some of us do have more than 2 kids)
9. phone calls after midnight or before 9:30 am
10. gas prices over $2 (I might be dreaming but I really think gas shouldn't ever cost over $2)
11. toll roads (intended to pay for a new road, but they never get paid off!!)
12. cold french fries
13. commercials

Can you tell that I am travelling an unexpected journey, having to travel toll roads, pay expensive gas prices, forced to eating fast food and all because of incompentency of a misinformed employee??) arrgghhh. thanks for letting me use this to sound off.

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1 comment:

Terra said...

Sounds like you are having the same kind of week I am... Oh and BTW, I hate almost all of that stuff too!