Wednesday, July 18, 2007

A Very Merry Un-birthday Present

Yesterday was my baby's 1/2 year birthday. It makes me sad to even think how fast this first year for him is going. It seems he passed this milestone of being halfway to his first birthday and suddenly is growing up. He is very playful, reaching out and grabbing his toys and putting everything in his mouth. He is also rolling over from his stomach to his back now and pulls up on his knees when he is on his belly. I know he is wanting to crawl so bad but I am not ready for that!! To celebrate his "un-birthday" he grabbed his feet for the first time and also decided to not lean forward when someone else wanted to hold him. He actually pulled away and buried his face in my chest. It was so cute when he wanted to stay with me but not so cute when he decided he didn't want to come back to me.

For his very, merry un-birthday (for all you Alice in Wonderland fans) we decided it was time for a high chair. I had been using a Bebe Pod seat but now he likes to twist around and grab everything else on the table, especially trying to knock my drink over. After much research we headed off to the stores for some hands on research.

First stop was Wally World (aka Walmart). The high chairs were on a top shelf and twist tied to the rack so you couldn't get them down. Of course, no one could help. And I am not going to buy something this important with only being able to see the underside of the product. (Don't worry Walmart fans - I buy enough stuff there anyway that I am sure this one purchase will not effect them).

So we headed off to Toys R Us. Yeah!!!! Everything was parent friendly and not only did I actually practice putting him in every chair there and taking him out with one hand, we tried a few new strollers as well. (When he gets a little bigger and steadier I found a sturdy umbrella.) We (hubby, me and especially baby) decided on the Fisher Price Rainforest Healthy Care High Chair. It was easy to put together and was sturdy (hubby's qualifications), very easy to fasten baby in, remove the tray, tray can be cleaned in dishwasher, has a quick release for the straps (my concerns) and really cute interactive toys (baby's likes).

Wow! Upon proofreading I realize this sounds like a commercial. Maybe I ought to forward it to Fisher Price??!! Here's some pics of baby with his present. You can almost tell that he is blowing "raspberries" while playing.

Now, can you find him??


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Perri said...

That is a hilarous picture!