Tuesday, July 10, 2007

It a Gotta-Have Contest!!

I know I say over and over that I don't enter many contests, and I truly don't. But as I am in the blog world now, I keep running across contests mentioned in others' blog and get intrigued.

This one is for something that I really, really need. If I don't win, I might have to just buy it.

5 Minutes for Mom is doing a contest for Neat Receipts Scanilizer. This little gadget is a dream come true for me. It helps reduce paper clutter by organizing all your receipts, schoolwork, recipes, etc. on cds. Now for me, that means I could eliminate the seven totes of business receipts, the three totes of school papers, about three totes of personal receipts and tax papers, my two filing cabinets and my two boxes of recipes cutouts. Hey, I might could actually fit a car in my garage!!! That would be a first! Right now, there are two boxes of recipe books in the bottom of my pantry. I know I don't use every recipe and could easily copy the couple of dozen and get rid of the book. But then I would have index cards everywhere or pieces of loose leaf lying around, and you know how easy paper "walks" around my house?? I might could even store food *gasp* in the bottom of my pantry. Or better yet, paper towels and water bottles.

What's really neat is I recently took my oldest daughter to the doctor. They asked for photo id and then proceded to scan my id in this little scanner. We talked about that being the neatest little thing. I had no idea I could actually get one. Imagine all the business cards taking up the side of my frig in the off chance I might actually need one; they could also be scanned and put in my household binder (see, I am a little organized, not completely hopeless) under "Business Contacts."

I off to head back over to 5 Minutes for Mom .
Come join me and let's get organized, it's not too late to work on that New's Year Resolution!!

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