Saturday, July 28, 2007

OUCH!! I've gotten bitten again....

When I first started blogging some days there was just nothing much to post about. I had a lot of fun looking around at everyone else's blogs to see what was going on and getting ideas. Then it bit first bite in Blogville. It was the Meme Bug. Although I haven't been real consistent with all of the ones I am interested in I am finally organizing them so I can remember what meme goes with what day. My, there sure are a lot of good ones for Thursday! Anyway, I do not want to talk about memes right now....that will be another blog later.

Now I want to talk about my second bite. This came from the Giveway Bug. Every once in awhile I would find some contest I just couldn't pass up and enter. But it was passionless. See, I had never actually ever won anything. Not any contest that was based on pure luck. But then it all changed. This week I have won three totally unrelated things. And I also participated in hosting a giveaway. What fun. The say it is more fun (or is it blessed?) to give than receive. ( I'll let you know once I receive my prizes, so really don't have qualifications yet to verify that statement.) But I do know that it is really fun to give away stuff. My kids also had a blast going watching the comments grow and then actually participating in the drawing of a winner. Although next time I might use the random thingy from somewhere online I saw others mention. Now we are going around the house thinking, "oh, we could give this away" and "I wonder how many people would want to win this?" Seeing that people would never make it to my house for a yard sale and my daughter has my digital camera every time I need it, I have a HUGE pile of stuff. I keep waiting to put it on Ebay and some of it might actually make it there one day. But I am thinking of hosting more giveaways. Maybe some themed ones. Since school is starting back soon, maybe some homeschool curriculum. Or a holiday decoration (Halloween, Thanksgiving and soon Christmas will all be here.)

But I haven't gotten my act together yet and figured the first step would be to research a little and actually see what the interest is. Do people really like to win free stuff? What kind of stuff? While looking around, I found some really cool giveaways going on and figured I would help spread the word and enter some of them. Who knows? maybe I will win something else!!


Over at Ashwin’s blog, you will find one crazy blog owner!! You can win $2500!! To enter just copy this text and paste it in your blog!! But hurry, this competition will not last long! So get posting!

(now who couldn't use $2500??? I see finally getting my root canal done (oh yea! (dripping sarcasm)) and the algebra course I want.)


Next, the wonderful ladies over at 5 Minutes for Mom is offering a contest where you can win an Insignia 37" Flat Panel LCD HDTV from Best Buy. What a generous offer...thanks Best Buy!! You can click on the link to read all about the cool features of this TV that is valued at $799.99!! My favorite part is it can double as a PC monitor and I need a new one real bad.


Props & Pans is giveaway a shirt by SATees. If you haven't seen this line of clothes, you gotta go check it out. I have a hard time choosing what I want, either
extemporaneous, or edacious, or dilatory. Too bad they don't come in adult sizes!!


Lille Punkin' is having a drawing for American Idol All Star Challenge Dvd game!! Let me tell you, bntv (before no tv) I was addicted to American Idol. I admit it. Not really one for reality shows but by the third season I could critique right up there with the other judges. "Pitchy" "Absolutely Awful" you get the picture. I have a pretty good track record too. I pretty much voted for the ones that did win. My kids would laugh at me because I would sit at the end of the shoe with the house phone and all three (or four if I could get a hold of hubby's) cell phones and dial, vote, hang up, redial. So go on over and join in on the contest. While there be sure to look around. Lille Punkin' gives reviews on the things that matter most to us moms!! and unbiased too.

"Back To School Giveaway With Gymboree"

Love Shak is hosting a contest with Gymboree in honor of kids going back to school. All you have to do is comment on what your kids' favorite thing about going back to school is. And you could win a $250 gift card.


I guess I will consider this Part I because there's more to list but I really got to go to bed now.

I'll be dreamin' of shoppin'.

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