Monday, July 16, 2007

Adventures in Babyland from a Natural Mama

For those that don't know, I had a baby in January, 2007. He was a **big** surprise for our family. Our youngest (before baby) just turned 8 and our oldest just turned 18. Let me tell you, alot has changed in the last 8 years!! They have the coolest stuff for babies now.

I have to say that I have never really considered myself, well, for lack of a better word - a hippie. hmmm, that's brings visions of tie-dye, drugs and rock 'n roll. okay, not a hippie. a naturalist?? that reminds me of homepathic medicinal herbs, all cotton clothes and sandals. that does fit a little better. I guess that's one problem with stereotyping. I really hate it. I believe I have emerged as a combination of several types. I will tell you what I am. I am a mother. I will do what I believe is best for my children. I am now an older, more experienced mom who has already had four other children live through not only their infanthood but also the toddler and preschool years. That means I am accomplished. I am no longer afraid to speak out to doctors. And as a matter of fact, a lot of the times I do know what is better for my child than they do. I am no longer afraid to speak out to well-meaning other mothers about discipline, nutrition, extra curricular activities, education. I am very opinionated and out spoken, but also very well researched and informed. In fact, I research before making any major purchase. Even alot of not-so-major purchases.

Okay, back to being a new mommy again. Sorry, a side effect of having five kids is rambling and being side tracked. This time around I am "wearing" my baby. I honestly don't know how I made out with my previous kids. This is much easier than toting around a car seat or stroller. But the place I wear it the most?? at home. Some days it is the only way I get housework done. I just strap him on and do laundry, dust, vacuum, whatever needs to be done. I am hooked. Not only me, but I have also managed to recruit other new mommies. When our pastor and his wife recently went on a Holy Land cruise, I sent her off borrowing my wrap. They have a one year old and you just can't push a stroller thru desert sands and up rocky mountainsides. It became a lifesaver and she ordered one for herself as soon as they came back home. Tonight, as I was browsing around, I found a beautiful new sling, you can see it at Mama Speaks. Very fashionable!! In fact, Nest Baby Slings come in several gorgeous fabrics!! You can even win one by entering at Mama Speaks. That is a great review blog for moms by moms that is definitely bookmarking!!

I am also online finding other "babywearers" as we call ourselves. I just found another one tonight. The blog is Adventures in Babywearing. Now that's to the point. Stephanie over there is hosting a giveaway - $50 for .Kangaroodle. Now, if you haven't ever visited that store, go ahead and do it now, I will wait. Be sure to check out the diaper bags. That is my weakness. I was never one to buy bunches of purses. Oh alright, I always did like to buy purses, I just never changed them out. I usually carry one of three favorites. But diaper bags, well, I really like the unusual ones. That is one thing that has changed since baby #4. The bags are actually pretty now. And more expensive!! But Kangaroodle has a great selection and very reasonable. There's also neat gadgets that I love.

This has gotten longer than I expected and it's time to feed the baby. Speaking of feeding him, this time around, I am also making my own baby food.

But that's another blog....


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Just passed by to say hello :) ur space seems nice and it's full of good tips for mums!